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Life is really too short for bad love, stale food, hatred and a yucky sex life. If you happen to be a man with bad or non existing sex life, burning inside to have passionate love making sessions with some of the beautiful women on this planet, you can now turn your dreams into reality. Try the extremely intimate and sexy Olympus sex position with Chennai call girls and give your kinky imagination wings for a more spicy adventure ahead. Needless to say, the man is given the control of the act, for a dominating control but the woman here isn’t left like a dead fish. She too can change angles as well as speed for a better experience as well as enjoyment.

The position of Olympus is quite the intimate one, with both the man and his partner facing each other. Needless to say, this adds quite a bit of steamy hot attraction to the whole act between the two when they get to look into each other’s eyes. Not only that, you can hold the woman or our sexiest call girl in Chennai by her butt with one hand and thus show complete control as well as affection through your grip. He can thrust as per his comfort or desire or even buck the woman up and down to relax his pelvic muscles. The woman’s legs encircle the man’s butt in this position while the man holds her waist with his other hand.

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As you can imagine, the position is very sexy and intimate, requires the woman to trust her partner and be bold in showing off her body to him. Many Indian women and girls find it hard because of their shyness, still confined to the conventional missionary for a quick session. Instead of getting bored of that, you can now book your own Chennai hotel escort for Olympus sex position and many more techniques. Be experimental in your sex life and watch yourself become irresistible in bed. Even though there are several things more to try, trying the Olympus sex position with a lovely lady is surely going to boost you up for good.

What makes this position so intimate and hot for a couple to try and enjoy? Well apart from the fact that the woman is being dominated by the man who has quite a lot of control of the act, the man has complete freedom to do whatever he likes with her upper body. That is, he could lean in and hug his partner passionately while making love or even kiss her neck, torso, breasts and press her navel. You can imagine the pleasure you can derive by trying such a position with our extremely sexy Chennai escorts. Our girls are not at all shy and will indeed eagerly participate in the act for your pleasure, allowing you try much more than just the Olympus sex position for a steamy session.

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So quit fumbling around or hesitating in such acts. Take the control of your own pleasure and enjoy to the fullest by trying this position in company of a gorgeous call girl. Our independent Chennai escorts are extremely hot and ravishing, enticing you to sexually pleasure yourself to an unimaginable level. At highly affordable prices and from the comfort of your hotel room, you can now try this Olympus sex position and sexually satisfy yourself with an unforgettable memory.