The triumphant elephant sex position with Chennai call girls

Witnessing a girl completely in your control, moaning and withering in orgasmic bliss as you pleasure her and yourself – it is quite the sight. Not every position can get you that level of excitement, fun and sexual fun. One of the best raw lust filled position that can provide the joy of being sexually satisfied and can arouse intimacy to a new level is the elephant sex position. It is so intimate and sexy that women often shy away from participating in it. However, you can try this sex style with the hot Chennai call girls, who are always eager to please their clients.

The best thing about hiring the hot Chennai escorts is that are completely discrete and exclusive in their services provided. They will never let any of your details be exposed and will always provide you with a new experience that you are bound to cherish for the rest of your life. These hot girls are not only gorgeous in looks, but are well mannered and behaved as well, making them the perfect package of a seductress that you would simply love spending time with. You can not only try the elephant sex position, but also have a lot more fun with them in unimaginable ways.

Why try elephant sex position with escorts in Chennai?

It is not an unknown fact that most women and girls in India do not like to embrace new positions in sex and thus, are not experimental. Men however love to try new things in bed, to multiply the pleasure manifold. If you have been having an issue in getting your partner ready for the elephant sex position, you can simply hire the best escorts in Chennai with us to try this and several more positions. Chennai girls are very bold and ravishing, quite the opposite of a shy and timid girl. They are confident and quite enthusiastically participate in sexual acts for the client’s pleasure.

In the elephant sex position, the man is on his knees, leaning back. The woman hugs her partner and wraps her legs around his hips, pushing her crotch towards his. Even though this position can be a bit stressful with the back, the pleasure provided from the depth of penetration and the stimulation provided is beyond the scope of words. Even though while trying you can’t kiss her lips or face, you can surely fondle her breasts and play with them while making love to her in a passionate manner. You can now try such an intimate and hot sex position with our independent Chennai escorts who love to try new things and techniques as always.

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