Shuttle Is both Easy and Pleasurable Sex Position

If you’ve never experienced vanilla sex, shuttle is an ideal position that you can try with your partner. The enjoyable experiences that you can get in such type of fun loving activity would be remarkable. In Chennai Shuttle sex position, you can allow your girl to come on top of you. This could be an interesting tactic to enjoy deeper penetration and feel like never before. With the help of extreme sexual appeal, both the partners can have endless pleasure and try something new in bed.

Relishing Your Mood with Shuttle Sex Position

To perform this erotic sexual pose, the man lies down on the floor and woman comes over him. His legs are slightly bent and in the upward direction. The female place her elbow over his shoulder. Woman’s legs are wider over his guy’s legs. This helps in deeper and smoother penetration. Guy pushes her hips to penetrate his penis inside her vagina. It is really a pleasurable experience. Both the individuals have extreme entertainment and they make love with each other sexily. It’s about how both the partners are close to each other. Both male and female partners have great pleasure during lovemaking in this position.

When the female partner comes over the guy and pushes her vagina for smoother entertainment, it becomes more enjoyable. The girl can get a good ride on the dick. Guy can show his talent of moving his penis up and down. It would really be an exciting activity to feel gratified. Shuttle sex position call girls Chennai is really demanding. It provides smoother penetration and ensures to ignite the lovemaking desires of individuals. The fun of sexual activity is a pleasurable experience for individuals that you should always consider once.

How I Do Shuttle Sex Position with My Clients

I’ve got unique experiences with my lovers while doing shuttle sex position. Last week, I met a rich jeweler. He met me in a 5-star hotel room. We enjoyed a good time. He was not aware of various erotic sex positions. Being a professional escort, I helped him and did shuttle sex position. I just came over him and gently allowed him to penetrate his cock inside my pussy. I felt delighted because he had a strong and big cock. It made me get exciting feelings and cherished my mood. I supported him well in bed. He was also completely satisfied with my call girl services.

As I have done shuttle sex position with many men, I’ve become proficient in making love with different individuals. As a well-known call girl, I can put a big smile on the face of my companions and provide them intense relief. Just think of spending some quality moments with the individual and get some astonishing experiences. Doing this erotic sexual activity gives me unforgettable experiences and adds fun to my love life. Think of hiring me once and I ensure to make you feel the unique sexual position. The stunning experience that you can get in shuttle sex would be great for you to have boundless pleasure.