How Viniyer Joined The Escort Industry

She is beautiful, charming and curvy. She is Vin Iyer, the gorgeous college girl from Chennai. Guys wait outside her hostel gate for a glimpse of beauty. In 2016 she took admission in her college and new to the hostel. She met a roommate namely Chitra Iyer. Both of the girls became close friends and starting sharing everything with each other. Vin Iyer was a shy girl and Chitra was a bold and extrovert person. Chitra was also a Chennai college girl escort and Vin Iyer came to know about it. Chitra told Vin Iyer to become an escort like her but she denied it. She wanted to study and become a good professional and earn good money for her family.

Vin Iyer belong to a poor family background and after a few months of joining the college, her family faced financial crises. She got disappointed and even unable to bear her educational expenses. She shared her sad story to her best friend. When nobody helps a good friend becomes the last option. Chitra told her that she has something that can resolve her financial problem. Vin Iyer just wanted to know what she can do to make money. Chitra just put her hand over her pussy and told that use it and you’ll never face any monetary problem thereafter. Vin Iyer agreed for Chennai escorts services.

Becoming A Part of Escort Agency

Chitra used to work for an escort agency wherein she used to get a number of bookings. She introduced Vin Iyer to the manager of that escort agency. The manager asked Vin Iyer to change her traditional looks and wear western clothing. She did the same and became a bold and beautiful girl. She got her first booking through that agency to meet a rich jeweler in the city. He came in his luxury car and took the girl to a lonely place in a resort. She was worried but the man held her hand firmly and encouraged her.

In the resort, they had drinks together. It was the first time for her to drink alcohol. Then, she got a little courage to come close to the rich jeweler. He gave her 15000 rupees in cash. The guy put the bundle of cash in her cleavage. She got amazed to see that much of money for having fun. Then, she started kissing the businessman and touched his dick. It made him aroused and he also started pressing her breasts. They enjoyed the foreplay for around 20 minutes. It made them feel excited and provided intense pleasure.

Then, it was the time for the last thing i.e. lovemaking. He started removing her red dress and then undergarments. She took her big dick inside her mouth and started sucking it. The jovial experience that she got on her first date was really commendable. Then, the guy fucked the virgin girl and made her feel the pain of dick. After that day, she started offering her escort services and made a lot of money for her family.