Enjoying intimacy in Oath sex position with Chennai escorts

Making love and having sex is indeed a pleasure for every man. But how often can you go for the same conventional missionary style? A bit of intimacy, a pinch of romance, a dash of passion and loads of lust are always needed for making the experience a memorable one. If you happen to be one of those individuals who have been struggling with a bad taste in sex or a boring sex life, you need to experiment more in bed. And what better way to do so, than hiring sexy Chennai escorts and maximise your pleasure beyond imagination, that too at highly affordable rates?

Making love isn’t about words or imagination, it is about action. When you do get intimate with your partner, you would want her to hold you, be close to you and eagerly participate in the act to make your experience a lot more enjoyable. Indian ladies are usually timid and do not really like to take charge of the pleasure. Our escorts in Chennai are not only hot and sexy, but love to take the charge for the pleasure of the clients. With them, you can make love in various raw and passionate positions such as the Oath sex position which has been regarded as one of the most intimate of the lot.

Discover passion in Oath sex style with Chennai call girls

Oath sex position is one of the most passionate and intimate positions in the Kamasutra. Usually given up by men as it way too intimate, it can certainly heighten your pleasure and feeling of satisfaction beyond the scope of words. In this position, the man has to kneel and set his legs apart. The woman is also on her knees, with her back touching her partner’s chest. The man holds her by the waist with one hand while the woman hugs his neck, giving her man complete access to fondle, press or play with her breasts. This way, the man can control the depth and speed of the penetration and can also kiss his partner’s neck. Being one hell of an intimate stance, you can try this with our Chennai call girls and feel the pleasure like you’ve never before.

Passion and intimacy awakened by the Oath sex position with Chennai hotel escorts is beyond imagination. You can have all the pleasures that you have always wanted, by trying the Oath position and many more with these ravishing ladies. These beauties or not really shy and thus with a bold approach, appreciate every move of yours that pleasures you and them as well. By pleasuring them and making them happy while you satisfy yourself, who knows – you could get something extra from her just as a token of thanks? Oath sex position is often preferred by our women and girls as it is a woman friendly style that is raw, passionate, wild yet romantic.

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