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During love making, most men like it when the woman takes charge for her own pleasure as well as her partner. For a man, there is nothing more enjoyable than a woman on top. One of the best such sex positions that couples love is the cowgirl position. As the name suggests, the woman is in charge of the ‘riding’ while the man lays on his back, watching the woman ride him while being penetrated to the maximum extent. Most women or girls are shy, not taking such initiative. You can now try this cowgirl sex position with sexy Chennai independent escorts, who love to please clients with their loves and sexual experience.

Woman on top positions are not usually liked and preferred by men who just want raw sex with no intimacy and enjoyment. This is also considered quite preferable because the man can completely see his partner’s upper body, with their pelvises together. So while one is well into the sexual act, penetrating the woman, they can see her buck up and down as her breasts sway with the motion, adding an element of raw erotica. It also gives the man freedom to knead the breasts, stroke navel or even help in deeper penetration by pulling his partner down. Experience of lovemaking in cowgirl sex position from Chennai call girls is indeed a one in a million feeling.

For a complete satisfactory and enjoyable experience, giving the woman charge for the penetration and the coitus is a must. And the cowgirl position does just that. But that doesn’t mean you can’t control the pleasure every now and then. Even though the woman might seem in control and you get to see your partner pleasure herself with the depth of the penetration and speed of the ‘riding’ action, you can always pull her towards yourself to hug and penetrate deeper by bucking up your pelvis from below. Many women are unable to cope up with the energy and drive required for this extremely pleasurable position. But for trying cowgirl sex position, Chennai hotel escorts are always eager and up for the spicing fun.

Contrary to belief, the position is quite intimate. When you try cowgirl sex position with escorts in Chennai, you will realize that not only it is passionate and raw, it happens to be quite intimate as you both have your hands free to hold or please each other more. A woman in heat often arouses the man more and these call girls give you that very experience for you to walk away with euphoric enjoyment. Even if you are tired after the foreplay or the continuous love making yet still want to go on, cowgirl sex position is the best way to do so.

For you to enjoy several of such sex positions and specially cowgirl sex position, independent Chennai call girls require an advance booking for the session. So you can quit hesitating and call our girls up now, grabbing this chance to make your sex life better than ever. Get intimate with these ladies and try this passionate sex position and many more while relaxing on your hotel bed, by paying nominal fees for service package. Even a lazy position as this one can give you an unprecedented erotic experience that you perhaps will never experience again.