Bucking Bronco position ensures you maximum sexual delight

Bucking Bronco is one of the best sex positions to enjoy sadistic delight. It is such a position that you would always like to do as you get to experience an extraordinary sensation that grips your body while doing it. Bear in mind that it can be done in the best possible manner in bed only. The stiffer the bed, the better it is for you.

When it comes to doing this position, first of all, I get into cowgirl position. For this, I will make you lie flat on your back with knees bent and legs apart. Facing you, I will get on top and slowly lower myself onto your shaft, thereby keeping my knees bent and my legs outside your arms. Then, I lean back and support myself on my palms as you thrust your hips up and down. Remember that the angle that I create by bending back is just for my G-spot stimulation.

Now instead of supporting myself on my knees, I put the bottoms of my feet flat on the bed. Now, I stand up but keep my knees slightly bent. As I am standing, you will have to arch your back and keep your pelvis up to make sure penetration of your penis. Now, I am in complete position and full control. I can tantalize while I am straddling you and your testicles should be in groping location. I may need the support of headboard or something which is very strong for getting extra support as my legs may get strained. The best thing about me with regard to this position is that I have become one of the most famous Bucking Bronco sex positions call girls Chennai.

The position is too easy to do without any risks

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